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Who could have gauged the impact of an ordinary British Police Call Box turned time travel device on the imagination of the Public? The BBC was able to ply the fertile playground of science fiction with the Dr Who television series, which, broadcast originally from 1963 to 1989 is perhaps the longest running Science Fiction television series in history. Later a 1996 movie was made followed by a resurgence of the series which continues to this day. The TARDIS which is the "Doctor's" ship travels through time and is disguised as an ordinary Police Box. Funny stuff! TARDIS supposedly stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space and this Police Box has gone down in history as one of the strangest time travel devices written into a story.

This model TARDIS, created for a client who is a big fan of the series, was made to reproduce the current TARDIS as it appears in the current series with the current Doctor. It is 1/6 scale so its approximately 14-15" tall and Its function is to be a low level office night light lamp, a job that it does admirably! The TARDIS lifts off of the base so that the single light bulb can be changed. It was decided not to use LED illumination because the TARDIS should have a soft incandescent glow. The one bulb effectively lights up all four signs at the top, the light on top, and the windows.

The model was weathered to appear like wood although it is made of acrylic. Paint was carefully chosen to be a similar color, windows were grimed up from the inside but only subtly so as not to ruin the lighting effect.

Overall TARDIS on its base. This image approximates actual lighting contrast.

This image shows the sign on the front, plus a better view of the wood grain effects on the plastic that seal the illusion. Also visible is the subtle grime on the inside of the windows.

TARDIS arriving! Ok, ok... but it was fun to attempt it. Simple time exposure of course and a few little effects...

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