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The ALVIN Research Submersible

Scale: 1/8


ALVIN is presented as the subject of a chapter of this book on Special Effects miniatures put out by Next Millennium Publishing, who publish

 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models


See A Finished ALVIN


Actual in-camera un-retouched shot of the ALVIN during filming of "Nautilus" for A&E.

The ALVIN kit is the product of a long fascination with the research submersible. The FX Models staff have long been interested in submersibles, whose workhorse capabilities help us unlock the mysteries of the deep ocean. We are proud to continue offering this kit straight from the same molds that we used for creating the miniatures used in two productions, and provide top notch kit components. Running at night just below the surface, or 8 feet down with its spotlights on, the ALVIN kit sub is a spectacular sight whether in a pond, or a pool!

The ALVIN kit is 1/8 scale, approx. 36 inches long, 14 inches wide and 21 inches tall. The hull is finished in smooth white Gel Coat. The hull kit is available directly from FX Models whereas all electronic parts can be ordered from Hobby Lobby International and other hobby parts distributors. A complete parts list is included in the FX Models supplied package for convenience and technical assistance is a phone call away!

Several hulls and one finished and functional ALVIN model .


Low Angle Flyby of  ALVIN Model in Effects Tank

Front / Back half of the hull (parting line is as on the full size!)
Tail Cone
Diver's Platform (behind the sail)
5 inch diameter resin cast propeller
4 viewports (front, bottom, two sides)
Inside items:
Pressure hull (30 foot depth capability although 4-8 feet recommended)
Full Size two sheet blueprint (front, profile views, plus detail drawings)
40 page assembly manual
Scanned photo pack of step by step assembly
Scanned photo pack of finished model
Detail pack of drawings and templates plus pressure hull layout
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