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Finished Ohio in 1/192 Scale

The images below show the models in various paint finishes. That is because clients have ordered them this way, since at one point or another the Ohio class boats looked the way they are depicted here. Currently all of the Ohio class boats will be painted black.. Yes, basic black. top to bottom. The only thing that WONT be the black color will of course be the unpainted sonar dome.


Overall image showing a two tone version of the model ready to head out to a client. For this and subsequent images, all clear acrylic covers are removed for photography. Note that the 688i Flight II behind the Ohio is in scale with it at 1/192!


Bow of the model. This version is in classic 'as delivered' colors, with black above and ruddy brown anti-foul below the midline. Non-skid deck is visible as well.


Missile Deck and Sail details. All of the detail on the top and bottom of this model is there on the real thing.


Bow shot of a two tone boat that has a sonar dome represented in the color found on the boats. The flash on the camera makes it look brighter than it is... Note also the non-skid deck which travels the entire upper deck to the aft end.


Big Metal Prop!!! At this scale the prop is over 1.5 inches in diameter.


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