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20000 Leagues Under The Sea Nautilus [continued]

Yet additional imagery in more Pretty Lighting which is a Sunset type light in tribute to the Sunset Squid scene thankfully not used in the original movie!

In case you noticed the strange tilt of the model ... The Nautilus is in a slight dive, with a subtle Starboard tilt as specified by the client's Art Director.

Full dress lighting on board Nautilus adds life to the model. The Salon lights flank the opened Starboard Iris [Port is closed in this model].


Close up focusing on a view of the Organ as seen through the Salon window. Note the red accent lighting inside the passageway leading aft on the port side behind the organ. In what would otherwise be a dark and featureless area, a simple accent with a dramatic shadow adds tremendously to the detail and feel of the model.

Head on in the Salon! Beyond the Iris Control Arm in the foreground, is the couch with pillows, speciment table, far side closed iris and surrounding iris ring. The overhead curtain rod is also visible and has the red curtains on either side of the irises on both sides, just as it should!


Looking Forward. Details visible are the Iris Control Arm at left, Couch/Pillow, stair runner rugs, velvet curtain and segment of round couch to right, and more rugs in distance. Sadly, after all of Ed Miarecki's work on the fountain forward, it was only just barely visible if you removed your left eye from its socket and pressed it hard against the salon window's extreme left side... Ahhh well such is life sometimes. I bought Ed an eye patch though so he is ok with it. It wasn't his good eye anyway...

Self illuminated only, downward looking view to show the Persian Rugs, Stair runners and Iris Control Arm. Looks like you could just walk into the 'set'.

Wheelhouse view...

Closer view. Note the treatment on the rakers with wear on their edges. The reflected edge lighting adds more to this effect which is far more subtle.

Well... After all that, it has to LEAVE now... A very good Fine Arts transport company came up from New York City to build the crate here on site and pack the model for transport. It was a 3 hours well spent! The model arrived perfectly fine thousands of miles away for installation just a couple days later...

Bye Bye Nautilus... Enjoy your new home...

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