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DSRV Mystic [continued]

(1/24 scale Navy Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle)


Here is the Mystic completed. With over 1500 rivets on the model, and detailed high-end paint detail, this model is an absolute showpiece. The real thing is even MORE cool though...


Rivet Heads closeup. Each was burnished to show contrast against the hull color.


Overall Starboard view showing cradle mount without wooden base. Note non-skid pattern within shroud.


Overall Port side view. Various tones of green were used to simulate the differences in color as on the real DSRV. Subtle weathering completes the look of the model.


Details of the saddles and text on the saddles. Note the Deep Submergence logo.


Prop shroud, yoke assembly, prop and struts in place. Note underside video camera and its attendant cabling. Forward amber colored housing is a transducer cover.


Starboard view of the Mystic showing sphere turnbuckle assemblies and subtle weathering of the green tones.

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