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DSRV Mystic [continued]

(1/24 scale Navy Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle)


This page shows more imagery of the DSRV Mystic mocked up for final paint matching test. Painting separate assemblies can produce different results even though the same exact paint is used. In this case, the Mystic has so many different shades of green that are used for painting that it is important to make sure that all assemblies look right. Our judgement was that we were successful and the client should be very happy!

[please be happy please be happy!!!]


Full starboard view of the mocked up DSRV. The splitter keel, the green item behind the sphere at center is not attached, just placed in position under its attachment point. Real life vehicles such as the DSRV may be intended to be a generic green color but in reality that green is actually a blend of many different greens due to weathering, access panel changes and so forth so the model had to be painted similarly. Here you can see at least 7-8 different shades of green in the main hull alone, with oxidation streaks and other patches of color fade that has been carefully airbrushed onto the model.


The stern section with prop shroud and prop yokes [sitting inside the shroud]


Bow view showing the bow mounted Sonar housing and light housing. Note that the thruster ducts [large circular holes that have significant depth forward of the white ring] are not yet painted. For purposes of this model the ducts will be painted dark. The Radio Controlled version however will have working thrusters... [whoops.. just let the secret out didnt I....]


Close up of the central hull section showing details. The different greens show up well here.

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